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PECO Pallet Recognized as Endorsed Logistics Employer by the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation

IRVINGTON, NY – September 14, 2021 – PECO Pallet announced today that it has been recognized by the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) as one of the organization’s first Endorsed Logistics Employers, in a new initiative acknowledging leading employers in the Canadian transportation and logistics industry.

Founded in 1958, CITT is a respected industry advocacy association providing programs for career-long learning and career-path development open for everyone who buys, sells, or manages the flow of goods and product, or is impacted by supply chain logistics.

“In nearly 25 years of operation, PECO Pallet has demonstrated that its commitment to the logistics profession goes above and beyond simply business,” says Pina Melchionna, President & CEO of CITT. “Through CITT’s interactions with PECO and their people over the years, it’s clear that the organization is dedicated to excellence in the discipline not just within the walls of their own office, but across the sector,” she continued. “We’re thrilled to welcome PECO Pallet as one of the first, and very deserving, CITT Endorsed Logistics Employers.”

“As supply chains grow more complex and demands on practitioners increase, advocacy and continuing education are critical to sustained excellence in logistics,” said Lisa Vegso, managing director, Canada, and PECO’s vice president of marketing. “We are pleased to become a CITT Endorsed Logistics Employer, and we look forward to opportunities both for developing our employees and contributing to the positive role CITT plays for Canada’s supply chain industry as a whole.”

PECO currently operates a North American pallet pool network encompassing more than 80 facilities and 21 million pallets. The company builds, services, delivers, and manages distribution of its signature red, high-quality block pallets for America’s top consumer products, grocery, and other food-related enterprises to ship goods.

About PECO Pallet, Inc – Irvington, NY-based PECO Pallet is the North American leader in pallet rental services and provides millions of its red block pallets to major grocery and consumer goods manufacturers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. PECO Pallet’s tremendous growth over the last 25 years reflects the company’s commitment to quality and service. Customers using PECO’s superior pallets experience less product damage, greater efficiency, improved safety, and significant cost savings. PECO is headquartered in Irvington, New York. For more information about PECO Pallet, please visit www.pecopallet.com.


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