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Switching to "red" is the easiest way for your company to "go green"

  • PECO Pallet’s core business of pallet pooling has always been built on a foundation of environmental sustainability. We reuse, repair, and recycle pallets to reduce the waste and inefficiency associated with single-use pallets.
  • Today, PECO is going beyond the sustainable solutions we provide for our customers and finding new ways to conserve resources and reduce our own carbon footprint at our depots and facilities across North America.
  • PECO Pallet has integrated ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles into our business operations to further improve the sustainability of our organization, with a focus on people and the planet.
  • PECO cycles pallets an average of four times per year and carefully maintains them to prolong their useful life.
  • PECO block pallets allow true four-way entry for more efficient stacking and transportation, which can significantly reduce fuel costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
  • To divert waste from landfills, whenever PECO pallets are retired, all nails are removed and recycled, and wood waste is shredded to be used as garden mulch and animal bedding.

PECO Pallets aren't just a better choice for our customers...they're a better choice for our planet. Contact us to find out more.

Silver 2021 Ecovadis Sustainability Rating    An Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner 2023
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